As parents, we’re constantly searching for the best educational apps for kids. We’re always looking for better ways for our kids to spend time with technology. Games are fun, but a truly great app for kids is also educational and imaginative.

Whether it’s using an app on a mobile device or accessing websites on a desktop computer, we’re always trying to find ways to provide our kids with more than mindless entertainment.

Now that smartphones and other mobile devices are a part of our daily routine, here are some age-appropriate educational apps for kids as well as websites to make sure that your little ones’ time with technology is safer and more engaging.  


Apps for Ages 3-5

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a great way to remove the worry of whether the content your littles ones are consuming is appropriate. At PBS Kids, all viewing content is safe and fun. Download this educational app on your smart device, or watch and play-age appropriate games directly from their website. Best of all, it’s free!

Check it out here:


Apps for Ages 5-8

Stack the States

Stack the States is one of our favorite educational apps for kids! Stack the States teaches children about capitals, geography, state flags, and shapes. The goal is stacking the states on top of one another without letting them fall, all the while providing your child with information about each state and its location. It’s fun for kids and even adults! Stack the States is downloadable for $2.99 in the iTunes store.

Download the app here:

Apps for Ages 8-10


BrainPOP provides a wealth of educational info for kids. It features short video clips covering many different subjects, with games and activities to engage further interest and learning. Not only is BrainPOP a website, but there’s also a mobile version so you can download the app and take it on-the-go. BrainPOP offers some free content, but you’ll get the most out of this fun educational app for kids by purchasing a monthly subscription.

Learn more about BrainPOP here:


Apps for Ages 10+


Scratch is one of the best educational apps for kids who want to learn computer programming. Scratch teaches kids to code in a creative way, and even allows them to connect with other children who are also learning to program! Kids can create characters to tell stories, make games, and create animations all while sharing coding projects online. Scratch is a great way to introduce the joys of computer science to your child at a young age. Plus, it was developed by MIT!

Try Scratch free at:


The Best Educational Apps for Kids -- Snuggled Up in a PawdPet!

So grab your iPhone or Android device, download your favorite educational apps for kids, and tuck it gently into your PawdPet for safe keeping. When you need a break and the kids want to play a game or watch a show, pop your phone onto their PawdPet’s fuzzy magnetic belly.

Now you can feel at ease, knowing that the apps your child is using are educational, safe and fun -- and cuddled up safely in their PawdPet!